More Groovy Stuff in the News

The KLF's awesome 1990 masterpiece, Chill Out, the latest album featured at Classic Album Sundays.

Reader Robert Stewart shares “A King’s Ransom from Queens,” a truly remarkable, eclectic record collection soon to be available from Amoeba Records.

Eddie, the previous owner of the records, was a true record collector, but not in the sense of the must-own or traditional market-driven collectible pieces and sought-after titles. Instead he was a curator of alluring oddities, deviating from the mainstream and submersing himself in what he himself liked to listen to, always with the highest of ideals, a paradigm of good taste.

Reader Carl Gustin directs our attention to “Bias at Rolling Stone,” Jim Fusilli’s excellent piece on Rolling Stone’s latest lazy list.

Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time is now on the newsstands. But if you miss this year's rendition, no worries: The top 21 albums on the list are the same as on Rolling Stone's list from 2003. To call it predictable or a cliché is to let it off easy.

And Colleen Murphy of Classic Album Sundays is again making headlines in the New York Times for chilling out and spreading the joy of a high-quality listening experience.

The event, known as Classic Album Sundays, seeks to cultivate appreciation for the vinyl album format: the iconic artwork associated with it, the crisp sound quality and most importantly, the potent arc that a series of songs can create when absorbed in a single sitting. Such focus can seem a daunting feat in this age of hyper-information, which is a conception that the event’s organizers hope to alter.

If you’re not in the NYC area, why not start your own monthly listening party? Or contact Murphy and let her know you’d like to get involved. She plans on starting similar events in Boston, Glasgow, Tokyo, all over the world. Stay up-to-date with Classic Album Sundays on Facebook.

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Being a fellow on the West coast, I'm definitely going to blow off work on the 21st and head down to Amoeba Hollywood. I mean.. volunteer somewhere, in case my employer's reading..