On a Lower Gloat

Dear Mikey: I know you spend a lot more time outside of the US than I do—heck, you probably get out of the house more often than I—so it’s with non-snotty glee that I must inform you: For once in my life I beat you to the draw on the coolest new analog toy in the known universe. At the Teo Audio room, Dr. Chris Feickert gave me a copy of his 7” Adjust+ Test Record ($20), which comes in a red jacket. Its use requires only that you download a special app from Apple App Store (search on “platterspeed”), fit your iPod/iPad/iPhone/whatever with an accessory microphone (I already have one for use with my über-cool Peterson strobe tuner app), cue up the Feickert disc, and measure away. Tests include wow and flutter, crosstalk, skating force, and channel balance. You’ll probably get one soon. Luv ya—Artie.

Dear Audio Chat-site Junior G-Men: Art Dudley didn’t pay a single damn dime for this disc. In fact, when Chris Feickert gave it to him, Art laughed out loud at the thought of some socially inept blowhard clucking about “cosy [sic] relationships” between writers and suppliers. Eat me—Richard the bunny.