Kubala-Sosna Achieves Realization

Shown in prototype form, without logos, Realization is Kubala-Sosna's new flagship cable line. With introductory pricing in effect until July, interconnects and speaker cable are $10,000/1m pair, and cost $1800 for each additional meter. Prices will rise to $11,000/$2000.

Seen here holding the cables is their usually unseen chief designer, Howard Sosna. Howard is an oral maxillofacial surgeon who performs his "day job" 65 hours per week, and designs cables at 2am and on Sundays. Someone who's been involved in audio all his life, he started Kubala-Sosna with Joe Kubala in 2002–2003.

"We changed the recipe slightly," Howard said of the cable's change of geometry, material, shielding, and stranding. "What is more significant than the materials themselves is what you do with them. Each of our cables has a similar tonal response. Performance expands as we go up the line. That means more extension and delicacy on top, and a wider and deeper soundstage. Our Elation line was so good that it took us eight years to come up with Realization. I had to do a lot of rethinking of what we do."

mink70's picture

Sweet introductory pricing! Does Dr. Sosna throw in an apicoectomy with every two interconnects?

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a rhinoplatsy would be a little better

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Copper is so expensive these days. And what about Teflon. At 10000,00 $ a meter, I really don't know how you do to earn a living.

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Why so thin?

Why so cheap?

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K-S cables aren't cheap, and I can't afford the new Realization line either. However, the Elations & Emotions I use in my system have proved transformative, as if I'd upgraded major components. (in fact, I do think of cables as 'components'.)

I haven't auditioned the Realization, so I can't comment on their performance. But I CAN tell you that I've used many different IC cables over the years, and IMHO, K-S is clearly the best of the bunch.