KCSM Jazz 91.1

From left: Barbara Lamb Hall, Melanie Berzon, and Sybil Bolivar of San Mateo’s listener-supported KCSM, 91.1FM. Not only is KCSM one of Sam Tellig’s favorite spots on the FM dial, it’s one of the last all-jazz stations in the world.

Because so many audiophiles in the Bay Area are also jazz fans, KCSM and California Audio Show organizer Constantine Soo figured the show would be a great way for KCSM to meet and greet their listeners. The vibe in their hospitality suite was wonderful.

KCSM broadcasts 24 hours a day and has about 250,000 weekly listeners. Those outside the Bay Area can tune in online at www.kcsm.org or make use of the station’s iPhone and Android apps. I’m streaming the station now via iTunes, and it’s making my evening much more enjoyable.

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Thank you for bringing the station to my attention.  I agree that the content is enjoyable...make that very enjoyable. The station's love for jazz and their dedication to share that love with their listeners really comes through.  Dear readers, visit KCSM's  website http://kcsm.org/jazz91/index.php to read their program schedule and note their Jazz Highlights announcements, you will see what I mean.

The reviewer described KCSM as being "one of the last all-jazz stations in the world".  Perhaps he had in mind over-the-air all jazz radio as there is a plentitude of online jazz stations. If one pays a visit to http://www.shoutcast.com/radio/Jazz you will see that ShoutCast is providing access to more than 200 online jazz stations. KCSM is in the list and its caliber stands out, listen and you will see.

KCSM online radio offers two streaming bit rates: 32 kbps and 64 kbps. Hopefully their streaming speed will be increased.

KCSM's popularity as an online jazz station is evident.  At 4 AM (PST) 212 persons were listening to the online station making it the 12th most listened to jazz station at Shoutcast.


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Many thanks to Stephen Mejias for visiting our booth at the California Audio Show this past weekend, and for this article.

Jazz 91 is a gem for jazzophiles in many ways, with over 30,000 unique jazz and blues tunes played each year, a huge jazz collection to draw from (3rd largest in the U.S.) and live DJs who program a huge variety of music in the moment every single day.

Jazz 91 has shows made in house -- Desert Island Jazz, I'm Talkin' Jazz, plus the best of public radio jazz shows (Jazzset with Dede Bridgewater, Jazz at Lincoln Center & Jazz Profiles).  And our local, though syndicated gem, Bob Parlocha, graces us on the overnights. Collectively, our hosts have 100s of hours of experience in jazz.  Richard Hadlock, who is in our edit suite with Alisa Clancy this very moment, has over 50 years of jazz experience himself.  So we are fresh jazz, 24/7, 365.

In terms of bitrate, we are a small, noncommercial public radio station.  We seek underwriters who can move us up to higher bitrates.  Although, the ears of one of Stereophile's senior bloggers often cites KCSM.  We sound good!  

Learn more at kcsm.org!  Come on in...for the cool water that is jazz!