It's April & Recommended Components

Our 180-page April issue is hitting newsstands, mailboxes, and tablets this week and, as always with Stereophile's April issues, it includes the revised and updated edition of our "Recommended Components" feature—capsule reviews of the best-sounding gear available. (The listing this year is longer than ever, so many of the categories will actually be included when the listing is posted to the site this week.)

And featured on the April issue's cover is Klipsch's RP-600M speaker, which features a horn-loaded tweeter. Read Herb Reichert's report to see how he felt about this little gem. Art Dudley reviews the latest Naim media player, Jim Austin lives with a Sugden preamp, Mikey Fremer auditions the Audia Flight preamp from Italy, Ken Micallef writes about Pro-Ject's affordable Pre Box S2 D/A headphone amplifier, and John Atkinson bookends the issue with essays on stereo imaging and disco music.

Stereophile and "Recommended Components"—often copied, never equalled!

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Can't wait for the Klipsch's RP-600M review! Keep up the good work guys

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Mr. Austin goes deep into the History of this Brand that I've been curious about for decades.

It's one Hell-of-a-Story, I'm starting a hunt for an A21.


Tony in Michigan

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Should go hand in hand.

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Funny thing: Studio 54 had the best sound system of any nyc dance bar at the time.

Sound mattered.

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Man, this one place, it made Studio 54, in general, seem like an AM radio being played for a church group.

But, the first rule of the place is that we can't talk about it. Especially the parts I can remember.

Oh, my.

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Maybe you just thought you were at another place, but had just changed floors at Studio 54. :-)

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Guys, how can i buy this specific stereophile issue?

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Why do you purposely leave out headphones from your bi-annual recommended components issues? It was not like this in the past.
Rotate headphones back into the October RC Issue, leave out Turntables.

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Headphones are listed in the online list.

Stereophile must know that headphone aficionados are more apt to understand what the intertubes are and to be able to work their magical computer devices to find the information. Vinyl folks, not so much. Hence, vinyl gets the ink, headphones listed online.

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I was surprised that the comments regarding the Benchmark DAC3 HGC in the new Recommended Components were revised from “I found the sounds of the two DACs quite different. The DAC1 was brighter. . . . The DAC3 was all about depths, in several respects: the sound was weightier, with a darker frequency balance; the soundstage was deeper—I heard deeper into the music”. to "after rigorously comparing the DAC3 HGC to with his own Benchmark DAC1, JCA heard no differences whatsoever.”

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What happened to the Integrated Amp recommendations? My cover says 400 Recommended Components; the cover photo above says 500. Oh, I get it, I must have gotten the April Fools edition.

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What happened to the phono stages section in the Recommended Components?

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Yup, Tonykaz killed vinyl.