The Ion-Tweetered Lansche Speakers

The BMC (see next story), Ypsilon, and Lansche brands are distributed in the US by Aaudio Imports. Larry Greenhill has already described the new Ypsilon Aelius monoblock amplifier and I auditioned the amplifier in one of the two Aaudio rooms at the Venetian with the new Model No.7 speakers from Lansche ($100,000/pair in satin-veneer finish; $108,000/pair in high gloss).

The 69" tall, reflex-loaded speaker, shown here with English audio industry veteran Henry Dienn, who heads up Lansche-Asia, combines four 8.7" long-throw woofers and two Audio Technologies 4" midrange units with an ionic tweeter. An intense RF field heats the air in a quartz cell to the point where it becomes a plasma, and this almost massless plasma emits sound when that RF is modulated with the audio signal. The acoustic output is coupled to the world outside with a horn.

I am receiving a pair of the smaller Lansche Model No.5s in late February for a review to appear in Stereophile in the late spring.

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but what process is involved in applying a high gloss finish and why would it cost 8,000 more than the standard satin finish ?  I know piano black usually costs but just trying to understand why it would cost 8,000 more.  Anyone?