Ypsilon Electronics’ Aelius monoblock

Ypsilon Electronics’ Demetrius Baklavas designed the new $36,000/pair Aelius monoblock amplifier. The Aelius is rated at 220W into 8 ohms, 308W into 4 ohms, and 500W into 2 ohms. It is a hybrid design that features tube inputs, hand-wound interstage coupling transformers, and MOSFET output devices wired in the same type of push-pull Circlotron output configuration that was found in some Output-Transformer-Less tube (OTL) designs. The Circlotron configuration was developed years ago by Electro-Voice, and while the Aelius's output devices are all N-channel MOSFETs, the Circlotron approach is very different from conventional quasi-complementary approaches.

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I think the name of this pushpull is CIRCLOTRON Pat:2705265,

also known as circular pushpull, work only with pentodes and

Mosfets, and it is very stable with Mosfets (don't need any

coupling inductor to the load, at the output).

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Thanks for the info - JA