Intermezzo: The Santa Barbara Sessions Who Was Who & What was What?

Sidebar 5: Who Was Who & What was What?

Pianist: Robert Silverman
Recordist: Kavichandran Alexander
Executive Producer: Larry Archibald
Producer: John Atkinson
Editor: Hugh Davies (1-6), Benjamin B. Shaw (7-8)
Digital transfer engineers: Robert Harley & David Manley
CD master preparation: Digital Brothers, Costa Mesa, CA
Catalyst: Martin Silver
Steinway D piano: supplied by: Santa Barbara Music
Piano Technician: Kirk Taylor
Recorder Technician: Bill Reed
Tubes supplied by: Gold Aero
Booklet notes: Denis Stevens, Thomas J. Norton, & John Atkinson
Cover design: Janet Resnick
Booklet production: Diane Harris

Equipment used: two EAR "The Mic" tube figure-eight mikes; EAR 824M stereo tube microphone preamplifier feeding directly into an Ampex MR70 tube tape recorder (the "Jack Mullin Special"), with ½" Ampex 456 tape running at 15ips without noise reduction; Cardas Audio interconnect; Stax SR-X, and Stax SR-Lambda Professional headphones with Stax ED-1 Diffuse Field Equalizer. Transferred to digital using the Manley Reference A/D converter; CD master prepared and tracks 7 and 8 edited using the Sonic Solutions Digital Audio Workstation.

Recorded at: the Universalist Unitarian Church, Santa Barbara, CA, January 29 & 30, 1990

Produced by Stereophile magazine in association with Water Lily Acoustics