How much time do you spend each week sitting in your audio system's sweet spot listening to music?

How much time do you spend each week sitting in your audio system's sweet spot listening to music?
0-5 hours
32% (88 votes)
5-10 hours
30% (83 votes)
10-15 hours
21% (58 votes)
15-20 hours
8% (23 votes)
20-30 hours
5% (14 votes)
30-40 hours
2% (6 votes)
More than 40 hours
1% (4 votes)
Total votes: 276

Reader Samo Jecnik, from Ljubljana, Slovenia, has a simple question for audiophiles: "I'd like to know how much time per week <I>Stereophile</I> readers <I>listen</I> to the music on their <I>main</I> systems. I mean the time they're sitting in the sweet spot."

Norm Strong's picture

I generally walk around while listening to music.

Graeme Nattress's picture

I'm normally at my computer, listening to the system, which is 1m from the hot spot, which is rather luke-warm due to a small, cramped room full of lots of gear.

Erik Leideman's picture

As long as I was single I used to spend quite many hours in the sweet spot listening to MUSIC. Now it is just 2-3 hours per week and then it is mostly comparing cables or tweaks. But 99% of the time it is me in the sweet spot for movies and TV programs (we only have one system and my wife does not care so much about the sound), and that is probably some 10-15 hours a week.

John Crossett's picture

If I could figure out a way to convince my wife and family that listening to music is an essential part of life, my time would shoot up dramatically. That, unfortunately, isn't going to happen, so 2 hours a day, average, is going to have to keep me happy into the foreseeable future. Oh well.

M.D.  Chubb's picture

Unfortunately (?) I spend more time in the sweet spot of my home theater. Watching TV an surfin' the web.

Al Marcy's picture

Music is my spiritual support.

Fred Daron's picture

It's my therapy at the end of each work day. Also I just like listening to good music.

Brad - Atlanta's picture

Oh, Momma!!!!!!

S-E's picture

The strange thing is that since my system got better, I am listening less.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Of serious listening more likely about 5 hours but with the music on in my chair about 2.5 hours a day. The day my monthly purchases of music comes in all serious listening then 1/2 hour cataloging the music.

Jim's picture

If I had more free time, the number of hours in the sweet spot would be huge!

Stephen Curling's picture

Being a full-time college student, husband, and dad, I don't have much time for listening . . .

Kevin O&#039;Toole's picture

My partner, deaf since birth, is fascinated by this type of listening—he's never seen a hearing person do this before. This question will prove I'm not such an oddball after all. Right?

KCSO's picture

Anything more than 10-15 hours and I would have to get another life. I wouldn't have time to answer Stereophile surveys, read my magazine, buy new music, surf the Web, feed my kids, etc. etc. etc. . . .

Steven R.  Rochlin's picture

If it feels good do it :-{) . Enjoy the Music!

Bruce Tannahill's picture

I watch too many movies.

RM's picture

My system is configured to give the best sound over the widest range of listening positions. This makes sense if often two people are listening, or you are in different areas of the room depending on your mood or activity.

Chris C, San Francisco's picture

Wish it were more, but I have a busy life and a family that I want to spend lots of time with. Music is on constantly at my house, but sweet-spot listening time is scarce. I do enjoy my Etymotic ER-4S headphones and HeadRoom amp when I travel, which is frequently. It's not the same, but it makes me happy and is an appropriate tradeoff at this point in my life.

A Colin Flood's picture

great evening entertainment - what else is there to do at night? A/V is perfect companion to aqaurium hobby!

Adam's picture

As a college student, my free time is way too limited, plus roommates tend to reduce my time as well. But oh, is that time sweet!

John Thayer's picture

I wish it was more, but 1 - 2 hours a day is it.

Jim B's picture

Usually I listen 15-20 hours per week, but it varies from week to week. If my wife is out or if I just bought new CD's the listening time expands.

Kevin Shanks's picture

with two children it is often difficult to find the time and it is sorely needed!

Bill Huey's picture

The purpose of having a sweet spot is not to log as much time in it as possible, but to know it's there when you want to.

Navmax's picture

Main system (discrete but in home theatre room): 0-5 hours; but secondary system optimised for open-concept kitchen/family room area: 10-20 hours

Jerry K.'s picture

I'm always trying to make my system sound beter, and theres always new music. Just not enough time!

kenny's picture

I like to spend at least 1 hour a day and at least 6 hours on weekends.

Dave Duvall's picture

Five to 10 is where it's at with me these days. Used to be a hell of a lot more when I was writing for SoundStage, but I now listen for enjoyment only and have squeezed the rest of my life into those extra hours. My listening therapy sessions are more effective than ever!

JB's picture

I useta be an alcoholic; now I am an audiophile. I spend about as much money on my music as I did on booze, but my time in the sweet spot is so much better than my time in the bars . . .

Bruce W.'s picture

Because my listening room is small, I have a well-defined sweet spot, but it doesn't keep the others from enjoying the music. I am the main participant and spend 99% of the time in the good chair, but once a week I surrender it to my daughter, who I am training to be a world-class audiophile. (She is planning to change her major from math to acoustics.) Our enjoyment is not in any one type of music, but in music itself; the sweet spot is enjoyed, but is not the biggest part of our enjoyment.