Have you ever converted anyone into an audiophile? How did you do it?

Audiophiles all have to start somewhere, and some of us may have even spread the word a little. Have you?

Have you ever converted anyone into an audiophile? How did you do it?
Converted a relative
12% (14 votes)
Converted a friend
46% (55 votes)
Converted a roommate
1% (1 vote)
Converted a customer
1% (1 vote)
13% (15 votes)
No conversions yet
28% (34 votes)
Total votes: 120

Rodney Gold's picture

I have however influenced plenty folk who thought that Sony/Technics etc was as good as it gets , to migrate upwards.

Blair's picture

I'm 17, and I demonstrated my NAD amp, PSB Alpha speakers, and Dual turntable to my friend Shawn in my acoustically treated bedroom. He was amazed. He was especially blown away by the imaging, a property of hi-fi that most people don't even know about. By my recommendation, someone will soon be selling a pair of B&W DM 302s and some NAD electronics.

T's picture

A girlfriend I once had. She listended to my stereo and realized that she needed better equipment. And bought it.

John Crossett's picture

My sister-in-law is a music lover. Everytime she looks at my system, and even more so when she hears it, she keeps asking me to help her pick out a system when she saves up the money. Needless to say, I always says yes.

Gordon White's picture

Proven music-lover-to-audiophile conversion process: First, ask music lover to get a favorite and memorized recording. Second, tell them they will hear the singer/performers in the room, the "space" of the recording, and details they've never heard. Tell them what to listen for before they listen. In short, tell them they've never really heard their favorite recordings before. Third, play it for them and get out of the way. Finally, be sure to let them know how relatively affordable a high-end system can be. For instance, Pioneer 414 DVD, MSB Link, Creek 4330R, Signet SL256 speakers, Kimber PBJ & 8TC cables, stands—way under $2k. Offer to help them assemble a system. After that, avoid bright light, don't get them wet, and never ever feed them after midnight.

Scot Forier's picture

I have influenced several friends and family with music and component recomendations, but once they see the cost of the associated items they are no longer interested.

Priya N.  Werahera's picture

I had the opportunity to convert two good friends into audiophiles. One bought a mass-market system, and I gave him an opportunity to listen to my system. Since then he has gotten everything upgraded to high-end products. My second friend had a decent system and was listening mainly to CDs. I was upgrading my turntable and I gave him my older unit. Now he is hooked on LPs and has developed a taste for tube sound. He is now madly upgrading to tube gear (single-ended amps). Once we get our equipment issues resolved, we always take time to invite each other over and ENJOY THE MUSIC.

Mark Mayes's picture

Many conversions. So many, in fact, that there are a number of significant others who will not let the other half into my home. I do it very simply: I ask them for their favorite song and then play it for them. After they lift their jaw from the floor (it is amazing how few people have heard a good system; they're used to hearing crap at all price points), it usually leads to an evening going through my CD/LP collection, and then large purchases on their part. It is for the music, after all.

Will Clark's picture

I started an audiophile club at college 2 years ago and we've been working hard ever since. Now my brother will carry on the legacy for his final 2 years at the same school. The best way is to invite people over to your room and play their favorite piece of music or a movie.

Rick's picture

A friend of mine from work enjoyed listening to and studying all venues of music. He talked often of replacing his rack system with something new. I encouraged him to listen and study the high-end products. He listened to my stuff and away he went. I would say that today he is more involved than I am, and having a great deal of fun and enjoyment. That's what it's all about.

Robin Banks's picture

Yes, I have helped to create another audio/video fanatic in this great world of high-end audio! My buddy has become just as enthused about audio as I have been for years. As a matter of fact, I was with him the other day when he purchased his first tube amplifier. I even helped him to bias the tubes. (That was funny! He thought biasing took place without the tubes!) Anyway, he is on his way to audio nirvana right now. I can only hope that the two of us will spread the word about high-end audio/video and let others know about such a great hobby!

NAVmax's picture

Not wanting to mimic the religious zealots that go door-to-door, I avoid pushing the esoteric hardware side of hobby. Much preferable to me is promoting decent mid-fi to people with some interest in music and attempting to broaden their horizons with new, to them, artists and genres.

The Saved's picture

It would be helpful if we could do it at the point of a sword, the way Islamic invaders converted early infidels, as in "Try it, you'll LIKE IT!"

Chris Henderson's picture

I tried to, I really did. However, the cost of my entry-level system ($4400) scared them off. I told them it was possible to go lower but that amount of money was what it took to make my system sound as well as it did. Instead, I got them interested in firearms (significantly less expensive).

Jeff Loney's picture

To my eternal shame, I "infected" my kid brother by giving/selling him my cast-offs and inviting him to hi-fi shows. Luckily for him, his wife is more vigilant than mine about the symptoms and can usually prevent the infection from reaching "fever pitch"!

Eric Jansen's picture

No conversions yet, some friends think I am nuts when they hear about the price of some components. However, I have introduced friends to the pleasure of music even if it is played on bargan equipment. I have also re introduced and even converted some to the great sound of vinyl.

T.A.LEE's picture

My friends were always impressed with my car system and I'd usually wind up helping them install systems of their own. My brother started me on this hobby and I hope everyone who hears my system has a greater fondness for music heard on a good system.

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David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

If you can get them to sit down and listen, you've got a shot. But don't talk about $25k systems; tell them what they can do for $1k.

zvip@mailexcite.com's picture

thay hear the difference between my system and all the other's systems, and thay hooked.

Craig Ellsworth's picture

I just say "Listen." Their ears and their disposable income do the rest.

j warner's picture

I trouble keeping people who know from locking me up for spending so much money on equipment. I consider myself lucky just to get my wife to say yes at bedtime.

Al Marcy's picture

I just renewed my Stirful subscription after six months of uncoached listening. I am rebuilding my listening room using Yoichi Ando as my guide. Get "Architectural Acoustics" reviewed soon!

M.D.  Chubb's picture

They believe when they hear my system, but they're not true converts because they're still unwilling to pay the price of admission. Why should they, when they usually benefit from my continuous upgrading? Odd. Upgrades could actually be BAD for the industry?

Federico's picture

Up until recently, I was thinking that I was all alone in my hobby. Then, the day that I came home to my girlfriend glued to the stereo, music blasting, eyes closed and lights off, I realized that maybe I had stumbled onto something . . .

Frank Mason's picture

My most valuable convert ever has to be my son. I have someone to share experiences, opinions, plus hardware and software. Also, I have no fears that my LPs and CDs will not be appreciated at my demise. The acorn did not fall far from the tree. Thank God.

lord_coz@webtv.net's picture

I spread the good word to all who ask. Much like our ambassidor, fabio! I have many inquiries as to good sound, and I address each and every one to the best of their comprehention. Music has inriched my life so much that telling others about it is actually fulfilling.

John's picture

My best friend has many of the same jazz CDs, and we attended the San Francisco Hi-Fi Show, so he believes but does not practice. He says listening to my "super stereo" (only $2500!) is too involving. He wonders how I get any work done at home.

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Look, sell the Carver and Bose, get some used toobs! Say this many times over, and sometimes people do listen.

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

I tried, oh, how I tried, but so far to no avail.