Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Here's the obligatory "People Buying Records" picture, and even though it was taken on Friday, which is usually the show's least-busy day, I had no trouble finding an opportunity to take a suitable picture. There were also quite a few people at the CD racks, but, overall, I'd say there were more LP buyers than CD buyers in evidence. Make of that what you will. (It may be a reflection of the fact that LPs are not as widely available.)

DetroitVinylRob's picture

Nice shot, people do buy vinyl, don't they?!

It is sad that so many mom and pop record stores have vanished and the ability to see, grab, (pay) and go is almost gone. Yet (as you well know) anyone reading this blog would say...Oh, contraire monsieur! to an availability issue when it comes to online sources for our preferred format.

Happy Listening!