Signature Simaudio

This year's SSI included a Canada Pavilion exhibit, honoring Canadian manufacturers of audio products. One of these was Simaudio. This was my first chance to get a close look at the Signature version of their 600i 125Wpc integrated amp. It's $14,200 in ultra-shiny gold finish that's a photographer's nightmare. I mentioned to Simaudio's Lionel Goodfield my difficulty in getting a decent photo of the 600i Signature, and he said that it took their professional product photographer several hours of fiddling with various lighting accessories to get a product picture that they could use. That made me feel better.

soulful.terrain's picture

That is one damn sexy piece of gear.

rschryer's picture

That thing belongs on a wedding ring!

BudgetAudiophile's picture

That's one of the most beautiful audio components I've ever seen!