Bel Canto's C7R receiver

More real-world-priced, making its Canadian debut at SSI 2012, was another Audio Pathways import, the Bel Canto C7R receiver ($3300). Yes, that's right, a receiver—although it doesn't look like any receiver I've seen. Based on the C5i integrated amp ($2250), which has digital as well as analog inputs and a phono stage, the C7R adds an FM tuner to the package. And while it may seem a bit steep to pay an extra $1050 to get an FM tuner, the tuner itself is a high-end design, and the C7R includes several refinements compared to the C5i.

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Hi Robert! Glad you stopped in to see the new Bel Canto C7R DAC Integrated Amp with Tuner... yes, okay, it's a Receiver! But, he said arching his eyebrows, the amplifier section is based on the uprated REF150 so you get the REF-series filter board for maximum AC isolation, and like all Bel Canto components it runs so cool it can be placed practically anywhere. The C7R also sports an improved 8-character display, WBT NextGen terminals and an advanced DSP-based FM tuner section. This isn't your daddy's tuner! 

Here's the idea, in a tight space espeically, why choose different components for your music downloads, computer, CD player, tuner, turntables, cable/satellite box or game consoles? Keep things simple with the low-heat, compact, powerful C7R Receiver! It’s loaded with inputs -- two 24/192 SPDIF, two 24/192 TOSLINK, and one 24/96 USB, MM Phono and Line Level inputs. Outputs are WBT NEXTGEN Speaker Connectors plus RCA Line Out and a Headphone Output. 

The 24-bit digital volume control is completely transparent and accurate throughout the volume range. Advanced engineering details abound; 0.1% audio grade resistors, class-A output control circuitry, and low-noise power supply components. The heavy-gauge all-steel chassis design prevents mechanical resonance from compromising the audio signal. The stereo amplifier section is based on an elegant switching output stage that eliminates thermal distortion caused by changes in operating temperature.

Find out more here: and on Bel Canto's site here 

Thanks again!

Jonathan Scull

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Oh, and the US price for the C7R is $2,995, the C5i $1,895.

Such a deal! 



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Hi Jonathan,

Well, I did say "several refinements." Thanks for elaborating on what that means. The C7R does seem to pack a a lot of technology into a very compact box.