Gershman's Sonogram

One of Gershman Acoustics's dem rooms was next door to my hotel room. I was well aware, therefore, the night before the Show opened, of the pains the Canadian speaker company was taking to get the best sound from their affordable Sonogram loudspeakers (CDN$3695/pair). The result, using a system based on Audio Research CD3 Mk.2 player, LS26 preamplifier, and Reference 110 power amplifier, and Gershman's own cables was impressive.

The Sonogram combines a Peerless soft-dome tweeter with a Morel 2" dome midrange unit and and 8", American-sourced woofer that had been designed by Eli Gershman. The apparently conventional cabinet actually has a triangular-section inset running the height of the rear panel to break up internal standing waves.

Paul's picture

Among all the speakers I heard at the show (I usually spend 18-24 months researching speakers before I buy as I like to keep them for the long haul--and I'm at the earliest phase of shopping for a pair for a 2 channel rig), these were in the top 5 regardless of price. Obviously not as good as their Black Swan brethren one room up, they were still very, very impressive. If I win the lotto between now and 2010, the Black Swans will be in my living room (I found them the most impressive of all among the ones I heard) but if the lotto is not in the cards, these will be on my short list.