Fried R/4 loudspeaker Equipment

Sidebar 1: Equipment

Three power amplifiers were used in the course of this evaluation: the Threshold S/550e, the Mark Levinson No.23.5, and the Audio Research Classic 120 monoblocks. The preamplifier was the Rowland Consummate, and the CD player was the Wadia WT-3200 driving the Audio Research DAC1-20 converter. (CD was the primary source in this audition.)

Comparison loudspeakers were Paradigm Studio Monitors, B&W 804s and KEF Reference Series 103/4s. Interconnects were AudioQuest Lapis between CD and preamp and for the unbalanced link between preamp and power amp with the ARC amps. For balanced hookup to the Threshold and Levinson amplifiers, Cardas Hexlink (not the latest version) was used. Loudspeaker cables were AudioQuest Clear. The grilles were removed during the listening tests. In all cases, the loudspeakers were toed-in toward the listening position.—Thomas J. Norton

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