The Entry Level #27 Contacts

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Harman/Kardon, Inc., 250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, NY 11797; 8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91329. Tel: (800) 422-8027 Web:

Jade Design, Inc., 131 SE Parkway Court, Franklin, TN 37064. Tel: (615) 791-6254. Web:


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As if I didn't respect Emotiva enough...

I don't have kids or a mortgage either, but as a piss-poor college grad with a mountain of tuition debt to climb, this company has given me my first look into what a high-end system can sound like (at home), and I'll always remember them for that.

With their affordable high-current monoblocks, Emotiva has also made it possible for more entry level 'philes to build systems capable of properly driving Maggies. My MMG's are happy with my UPA-2 right now, and I'm sure the MG 1.7 will be happy with the XPA 1-L that has just been released.

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Thanks for the feature on Jade Designs. Didn't know anything about them and hope to attend the next Emofest. Listened to the newest podcast on their web site and they sound like down to earth folks and that they enjoy their work.

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Thank you for an exceedingly well written and interesting article

First of all I find it very amusing to read about the headphone auditioning that make you look so nice that.... even the cats laughed

To the serious side, very very interesting to read about Jade designs and Dan Laufman, GO ON with your good work :D