Emotiva XPA Gen3 Modular Amp

When I returned to audio after a 12-year sabbatical, the first things I noticed were hi-rez downloads, high-quality headphones, class-D, G, and H operation of amplifiers, and the upscale-looking but low-priced products of Emotiva. I also noticed that the average price of quality audio gear had quadrupled (at least). Right away I knew I didn’t want to write audio porn about glitzy boxes at oligarch prices. Emotiva looked so direct-sales, street-wise smart—and everybody was talkin’ about how musical Emotiva’s stuff sounds: “It sounds good—and they're givin’ it away!” I couldn’t wait to try one of their products.

I have not yet reviewed one of their power amplifiers, but Emotiva’s new X-Series XPA Gen3 user-configurable modular amplifier ($899) seems mighty intriguing. It uses plug-in modules and a class-H switch-mode power supply that switches between low- and high-voltage B+ rails as the signal demands. The XPA Gen3 can be configured as a one-channel, two-channel, five-channel, or seven-channel amplifier.

All Emotiva XPA Gen3 amplifiers provide 300Wpc into 8 ohms, 550Wpc into 4 ohms, and 800Wpc into 2 ohms. And to my eye, they look high-tech professional in a sci-fi, street rod, NASA kind of way. (Presently, I'm working on a review of Emotiva’s $299 SP-1 MC/MM phono preamp and line extender—which uniquely adds phono capability and extra line inputs to any line-level-equipped source.)

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it works; that's the recipe for the "giving it away" you mention

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It's a good thing no one is forcing you to buy Emotiva gear.

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For the record, over half of Emotiva's sales come from products made in America, right here in our Franklin, Tennessee facility. Including the XPA Series amplifiers featured in this article. More American made products are being added to our lineup all of the time. We have an open door policy for visitors, so you can come see for yourself.

Also, Emotiva supports the direct sale channel AND speciality dealers and integrators. We have over 60 US dealers and many International distributors. This list is growing daily.