Do you use a power conditioner for your system?

Do you use a power conditioner for your system?
Yes, here it is:
53% (158 votes)
I'm planning to get one.
14% (40 votes)
Don't have one.
33% (98 votes)
Total votes: 296

Several companies are releasing new power-conditioner products these days, some with radically new technology. Are you using them?

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One dedicated 20-amp circuit. Another joy of low-watt SE.

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I need clean power and, what is most important, surge protection. I am tired of switching my gear at every small storm.

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Just got myself an AudioPrism Foundation II 3 days ago. Was using a Taiwan-made Castle Line Filter before that.

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I'm now a strong believer in the difference a good mains supply can make. If the ultimate way to get power to your system is to have it as uncorrupted as possible, then the best way to power your system is from your own generator. As this is impractical, then the next best thing is to reconstruct the mains supply. I decided to try a computer UPS to power my system, and I've been stunned by the difference. On the front end (analog and digital) it makes an appreciable difference, but put a UPS on your amplification and you'll be knocked sideways. My power conditioner is an APC Smart UPS 750, but if you want to find out if this is the thing for you, disconnect your computer for a couple of hours from its UPS and carry it into your listening room. If the effects are anything like I've experienced in the UK, then that UPS won't be going back to the computer.

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yes, but only the cd player everthing else is direct to outlets(upgraded of course).'s picture

Works well in tropical countires where oxidation levels are high

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I have owned the best, and they all mess with the sonic tapestry. Good power from the wall is all you need.

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Tice Audio Signature Series 3C, Audio Power Industries Power Pack 2, Panamax Max 1000+ in three different systems. By the way, I'm using a VPI SDS for my turntable.

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Vansevers model 12 analog and an Audioprism Foundation 2. And yes, they do change the sound.

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I have two Power Wedges: 116 for the main system, 114 for the secondary system. Cleaning the power was a greater improvement than I expected. The secondary system is on the same line as my PC; that improvement was dramatic. But even more dramatic was when the system was down and I plugged my 12-year-old NEC TV into the Power Wedge. My wife wanted to know what I had done to the picture, and casual vistors have alway commented on the depth of the field.

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probably the best business in the world is selling wire-speaker or interconects.there is no denying the difference they make,but to sell something that has $2.oo value in materials+$3.00 in labor for1-2-5000 or more dollars is not really what the market will bear but a ripoff aimed at the same people that buy porche or bmw or ferrari etc. to be driven in a 55mph zone and cant do even that right. the power conditioning argument,next to wire (power) shielding is the nexy category of the above mentioned kind of busines.those shielded few feet of internal wire after a 1000km. of it coming into your home is cretinity at its highest,unless of course you are listening to in a room full of transmitters, motors and computers.surge and spike(good)protection is vital but where I live you only need to worry about picking up some rfi through too long interconnects(double shielding those will only result in worse sound,unless we go to unrealistic large air dialectrics). you can build a good rfi emi filter with surge protection for(to sell)@ about $100-150 .I go crazy about beautiful equipment like you do,but at the same time I refuse to be taken. power conditioners are like armani suits:pretty nice to look at,but they will not change what's under it and in any event,the same can be had for much less. shalom noury

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I have several different brands. I can't tell much of difference between them.'s picture

I need something—every time someone turns on or off a light in the house, the speakers pop very quietly. The amp and preamp are always on, so I need something.

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Only clean power supply Accuphase DP-1200.

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Audio Prism Foundation III

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I use Noisetrappers

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PS Audio PowerPlant 300

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Yes, I currently (pun intended) use a power conditioner: an Adcom 515 and a Tice unit. I like their effect, but having a dedicated 30 amp line with separate ground has made the biggest difference by far. I also use an obscure product: a cable conditioner. It leaves my tangled mess of cables silky smooth, manageable, and no more split ends!

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I use Panamax on the audio equipment and API on the video side. I am looking around on a lesiurely basis to see what of the new generation might do a better job.

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Don't have one. I would definetely consider auditioning one after my system is finally put together.

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I'm satisfied with the condition of the power I get from Seattle City Light.

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These power conditioners cost almost more than my gear. I only have a pair of Optimus Power Center . They provide surge protection , emi/rfi noise filters and other protection for video and telephone lines (#61-2236 msr $112.00 each , bought on discount $24.98/pair ).Not pretty but effective.

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Adcom ACE-515. Made a noticeable difference in my house.

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I've been using a Tice MicroBlock for my front end for years. Now I'm looking to upgrade to a new PS Audio Power Plant when the larger models are available, so I can run everything but the power amp (Krell KSA-250S) from it.

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A Tice Power Conditioner -- I was startled most by the way the soundstage was both elevated and widened.

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I use the effective and reasonably priced Monster HTS 2000.

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I use a Chang Lite Speed conditioner. Does it do anything? I'm not sure, but atleast I feel that I am addressing a potential problem.

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PowerWedge 116