Do you have an audio- or music-related job (consumer or pro)?

Do you have an audio- or music-related job (consumer or pro)?
Yes, I'm a recording engineer/producer/etc.
5% (7 votes)
Yes, audio equipment manufacturing, consumer
1% (2 votes)
Yes, audio equipment manufacturing, professional
3% (4 votes)
Yes, a record-company employee
1% (1 vote)
Yes, audio retailing, consumer
5% (7 votes)
Yes, audio retailing, professional
0% (0 votes)
Other (please explain)
16% (23 votes)
No, I'm a fan/consumer
69% (98 votes)
Total votes: 142

We noted from last week's results that many of you do play instruments for fun and fortune. But several of you wondered why there were no categories for sound engineers, audio manufacturers, etc.

Alvester Garnett's picture

I wish I could engineer! Maybe then I might be happier with the recorded sound of my drums.

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Audio engineering consultant, consumer and pro products.

Greg Carlin's picture

I'm thinking about it.

David S.  Dodd's picture

I wrote for Australian HiFi for a couple of years, but now (unfortunately) am a slave to Marketing in the Biotech industry! Hey, now that Wes is going, give me a call when you need another reviewer/writer . . .

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Still love your writing and use it to make a great many of my decisions when the time comes

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Radio station DJ and engineer. Strange combination, but it's good to know how it all works and how it all sounds. Even though FM radio has a limited bandwidth, there are things we can do to make the sound better for our listeners. I try to improve that whenever I can. I often am more critical of how my station sounds than our average listener. That makes my job easier, and keeps the boss off my case too!'s picture

None of the categories applied to how I operate, so I checked "Other." You may not believe it, but I love working hard as a consultant for selecting and setting up hi-fi for friends and acquaintances, and their friends and acquaintances, absolutely free of charge. This is the only way I know of to get to know various equipment and its behavior in different room setups during the process. I have been doing this for the last 10-15 years, and in the process have set up second-hand as well as brand-new equipment. Have also been involved many times in trade-ins between friends (on my advice); i.e., arranging for the equipment to go into the hands of someone who deserves it or needs it for reasons of room acoustics or to upgrade to something better. Many of my friends who once owned boomboxes are now satisfied owners of decent high-end hi-fi. It's fun to indulge in even if it is not financially rewarding. After all, it is just a serious hobby!

Andrew Johnson's picture

I'm not really as much a fan as I am an "appreciator". Somebody who appreciates the art of music as well as what it takes to make a successful playback system.

Gerald Smedley; SmedleyGer@aol's picture

I auditioned the B&W DM 302 based on your recomendation and was floored with the beautifu found. Of course I bought them! I connected them in parallel with a low frequency unit (don't ask, OK, a Bose 901 system with the front speaker disabled to prevent confusing imaging) and the overall sound is spectacular. Wide and spacious but with the detail and clarity the DM 302s provide. Thanks for the recommendation. It was definitely worth the subscription price.

Paul Foley ,Whiteman AFB,MO's picture

Oh God no,if I did I would be reading Stereo Review and Rolling Stone magazine.You know where they really know about music and audio... (Damn I wish hadn't said that it lelt a bad taste in my mouth).

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Advertising writer and producer (music for commercials, audio tracks for radio and television spots).

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Music wholsale/distribution.

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I'd love to have a job in audio---it would be a dream come true---but instead it is just a great pastime and hobby.

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Analogue is best for music. Music is what I want to listen to. Please have more reviews of analogue mediums such as vinyl, cassette, reel to reel, laserdisc, etc., Analogue is what I hear in the studio, analogue is what I want to hear.

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I too have BK 4006s. The only piece of equipment you have that is of interest to me is the Nagra D. There is not much I would'nt do to have one. Lucky you ! I know no musician with even an acceptable system and I know hundreds. They listen to MUSIC, not sound. It took me 35 years to figure this out. Fortuneately, I love BOTH.