Davone Speakers & AMR Digital

The DP-77 D/A converter ($4995) from the English firm AMR that had impressed JA at the Atlanta Axpona in April made its New York debut at the Show, playing music files streamed from a German Purist NAS ($3000), with iPad-based controller software from the same firm. Amps were solid-state monoblocks from Absoluta (approximately $14,000/pair), and the loudspeakers were a fascinating design called the Ray ($6000/pair) from the Danish firm Davone, which are shown on the photo. The Ray is a two-way reflex-loaded speaker using coaxial driver—it sounded amazingly well-balanced and musical in the smallish room. ASI room-tuning accessories were used throughout.

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Hey Art! Thanks for the coverage, and glad everyone liked the sound. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it up this time - very tied up with issues back here in Atlanta, preparing very temperamental machines to work some new processes I've specified for some upcoming cable designs for Black Cat and Stereolab (as well as Tombo ...). I did want to ask for a correction: The Davone RAY speakers are $6,995.00/pair (the price went up last fall when the manufacturer sent me his update), and the Absoluta JANUS monoblocs are $15,999.00/pair.


Chris Sommovigo