DaVinci USB DAC Does 384kHz

"It's fitting for the world premier of the Da Vinci 384k DAC to happen on the first day of Axpona," explained Light Harmonic's Larry Ho, "as today is Leonardo da Vinci's birthday." 384k? Yes, the Da Vinci DAC ($11,999 regular price, $8999 Axpona price [NOTE: The actual retail price ended up at $20k-ed.]) will operate at sample rates up to 384kHz. At the show, in a system featuring Wilson Sophia 3 speakers driven by Pass Labs amplification, a 2L recording of Ole Bull's violin concerto, sourced from a Mac 2-modded Mac mini running Pure Music and recorded with a 352.8kHz sample rate, according to the DAC's front panel display, offered up some of the sweetest-sounding, natural violin sound and the most solid stereo imaging I have experienced from a classical recording. The 384k DAC uses the USB2.0 protocol and functions on a Mac without a driver having to be installed.

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I listen to this DAC several different times at the Atlanta AXPONA show this weekend and every time it impressed! This thing sounded spectacular; the very best digital I have ever heard. It raised the hairs on the back of my neck and produced goosebumps repeatedly. It was very layered, with huge depth and 'air' even in the smallish room. The pairing with the Sophia's and a PASS X250.5 was perfect. Smooth, sweet, refined; it sounded real...

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Actually this is our first audio show although we have developed this product last year. It's been through computer analysis and human ear testing for countless times to achieve the best results in both high and low sampling rates. We believe: Without using digital filter, digital up-sampling will make the sound more natural and clear. The ultimate goal is making digital sound like analog master tape.

I am extremely glad to get so many positive and valuable feedbacks. Next, we will publish the chassis a little bit more then put Da Vinci into formal production.

Also, I do believe that 384K/352.8K HD audio file should be the new media for high fidelity. Da Vinci is our first step and there will be corresponding ADC in the future.

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As mentioned by Larry, This is our very first Audio Show and am very humbled by the overwhelming responses that we have gotten from everyone that came listen in our room.

Do visit our website for more information.

Again, our sincere appreciations to all that came! Glad that you have enjoyed it.

All further comments and feedback are extremely welcome!

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i want to know more about the Da Vinci 384k DAC. Can you please demo online.

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