The Perfect Nightcap

Pretty freaking drained at the end of a very long Saturday, I walked into the Capitol Ballroom and was surprised to see a live band—from outside the room, I had wondered if the music was being produced by some very fine hi-fi that I had somehow missed. (Funny, huh?)

Even more surprising was to see John Atkinson on stage, playing a smoking blues riff on the fretless bass. Joining JA were John Yurick on piano, Spiral Groove’s Allen Perkins on drums, and show organizer Steve Davis on guitar and vox.

After a few rocking numbers, Balanced Audio Technology’s Geoff Poor strolled up to the mic and let loose a few jazz standards. “This next song requires some audience participation,” Poor said. “It requires you to drink.”

Ready for a beer, JA gave way to Dean Peer on bass, and the band continued to rock and sway, providing the perfect nightcap to a long day.

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I wonder what brand of acoustic/electric Bass that is that JA is playing?

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It's a semi-solid Carvin with through-neck construction and a piezo pickup.
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I hate the fact that I missed You and Dean Peer. Even though I'm a guitarist, I totally dig the Bass and can't stay away from playing one everytime I hit the Guitar Center.

What I would give to aquire a Sadowsky 5 string.

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Thanks for allowing me to accompany you guys on stage for a few tunes with my trombone! Funny but when I first stood up there I had no idea who I was playing with! I would love to hear some of the recordings and see more photos especially of the reggae!

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Great to play with you, Gary. I didn't know it was you when we started playing "Song for My Father" but it rocked mightily. See you at Capitol Audiofest. - JA
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Ever notice that the opening bass line is the same for Steely Dan's 'Ricky Dont Lose That Number'? Music is food for the soul! See you soon.'s picture

You guys had the biggest smiles after that jam...wonderful to see the impromptu jam come together. Roots Rock Reggae was a definite highlight!