Classé Omega monoblock power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: VPI TNT V-HR turntable-tonearm; Grado Statement, Benz Micro L04 cartridges.
Digital sources: GamuT CD 1, Simaudio Moon Eclipse CD players.
Preamplifier: VAC CPA-1 Mk.III.
Power amplifiers: VTL Ichiban and Mark Levinson No.20.6 monoblocks, VAC Renaissance 70/70.
Loudspeakers: Audio Physic Virgo III, Kirksaeter Silverline 60, Castle Severn.
Cables: Interconnect: Nirvana S-X Ltd. & SL, Nordost Valhalla, Audience Au24, AudioQuest Anaconda, Monster Cable Sigma Retro. Speaker: AudioQuest Gibraltar, Silversmith Silver, Monster Cable Sigma Retro. AC: Audience PowerChord, Synergistic Research Reference Master AC Couplers.
Accessories: Bright Star Rack of Gibraltar equipment stand, Big Rocks, Little Rocks; SSC component feet; VPI, Disc Dr. LP cleaning systems; Nordost ECO3, Disksolution CD cleaning/treatment fluids; MIT ZCenter power-conditioning system; AudioPrism Noise Sniffer AC line analyzer, Quiet Line AC filters; Echo Busters Bass Busters, Double Busters, room-treatment products; Wally Tools; Caig R5 Deoxit, ProGold, and Power Booster.—Brian Damkroger

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