Channel D–Pure Vinyl–Pure Music

Channel D's affable Rob Robinson was playing 24/192k LP rips made with Pure Vinyl with the Joseph Pulsar speakers ($7000/pair), which have just got a rave review in the June issue of Stereophile. "Listen to this," said Rob, lowering Pure Vinyl's virtual tonearm on to the image of an LP on the screen, and I heard some familiar-sounding music: it was a rip of Stereophile's 1990 Intermezzo album, which Rob had picked up at a European show.

Intermezzo had too many clicks and pops for me to enjoy the music but then Rob played a rip of the Mobile Fidelity reissue of Little Feat's live Waiting for Columbus album. Aaah—the white magic of great rock music, from what was the best band in the world before Lowell George's untimely death, filled the room.