Bel Canto Design C7R D/A receiver Associated equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated equipment

Digital Sources: Benchmark DAC1 HDR; Bel Canto e.One CD2 transport, e.One DAC 3.5VB Mk.II DAC, e.One VBS1 power supply; Sony Vaio laptop running JRiver Media Center 17, Bel Canto Light Link USB-S/PDIF bridge, Centrance DACmini D/A headphone amp.
Analog Sources: Clearaudio Ovation turntable & tonearm, Clearaudio Talisman V2 cartridge.
Phono Preamplifier: Clearaudio Basic+.
Power Amplifiers: Rogue Audio M180 monoblocks, Audio Research Reference 150.
Loudspeakers: Revel Performa F30.
Headphones: Sennheiser HD600.
Cables: Digital: Stereovox HDVX coaxial, Silver Sonic D-110 AES/EBU. USB: Cardas Clear. Interconnect: Sain Line Systems Pure (balanced, singled-ended). Speaker: Kimber Kable BiFocal-X. AC: Sain Line Systems Reference.
Accessories: Ready Acoustics room treatments, ASC Tube Traps, Butcher Block audio table.—Erick Lichte

Bel Canto Design, Ltd.
221 N. First Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 317-4550

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Not surprising! Whenever I read the mag, Bel Canto is often one of the 'Associated Equipment. Must be a gem! Maybe, I will learn at T.H.E. Show in Newport!

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I love gear like this, offers great sound, great build quality why would you need anything else?  Linn had their first Linn Majik integrated that was able to accept a "sneaky" module that could also turn it into a receiver, was expensive though.  This though adds all that plus DAC for so much less and it is an American company.  Very nice review of a lovely product.  

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After owning the C7R for a week, I think I have discovered the best feature: There is no Standby switch. This encourages you to leave the unit on, so when you walk into the room, the question is not "Should I turn it on" but "Should I unmute it"? Makes you listen to a lot more music.

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Does anyone have issues with low output? The built in tuner is fine but the digital inputs seem to have much lower output, i can easily get to the 100 mark on the volume..

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Yes, I am using it in a small (10x12) room with very efficient speakers (93dB/2.83v) and I tend to have the volume cranked up to 65 or 70 most of the time. My friends say that I listen too loudly, but I can easily imagine the unit running out of steam in a larger room or with less efficient speakers.

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Thanks can you test if the built in tuner has a higher output on yours? with the built in tuner the output is very loud at 80 with the digital inputs i have to go to 90... Thanks

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You appear to be correct. I just tried an FM broadcast station vs. the same station streamed from my Mac. I matched the volumes as closely as I could, and got about 50 on the FM tuner and 57 on USB.