BBC LS3/5a loudspeaker 1993 Review context

Sidebar 1: 1993 Review context

Power amplifiers were either a pair of Mark Levinson No.20.6 monoblocks or a YBA 2, while the preamplifier was either the Melos SHA-1 headphone amplifier used as a line-stage, the YBA 2, or the Audio Research LS2B. A Mod Squad Phono Drive EPS amplified LP signals from a Linn Sondek/Cirkus/Trampolin/Lingo/Ekos/Arkiv setup sitting on an ArchiDee table. Digital source was variously a Theta DS Pro Generation III, a Counterpoint DA-10 with UltraAnalog DAC module, a Mark Levinson No.35, or the new Sonic Frontiers SFD-2, all driven by a Mark Levinson No.31 transport via AudioQuest Pro 2 ST-optical. Interconnects used were all AudioQuest Lapis, while speaker cable was a 5' bi-wired set of AudioQuest Sterling. All source components and preamps were plugged into a Power Wedge 116, itself plugged into one of my listening room's two specially installed AC circuits and fitted with the Power Enhancer option. The speakers were used on 24", lead-shot-filled Celestion Si stands.—John Atkinson

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Is it worth trying to use my amazing old 15 ohm monitors with a new Panasonic SC-PMX70 (3 ohm) or should I just stick to the speakers provided?
I moved to Peru and will hold off on buying a "proper" audio setup til I go back to the First World...

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Someone should to put these components into a bigger box with a passive radiator and recreate the KEF 104.

I have both the 104 and the 104ab. I prefer the 104 on my solid state Marantz 1060 and the single ended Reisong A10 on the 104ab.