Audio Research CD2 CD player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

CD Players: Krell KAV-300cd, Mark Levinson No.39.Preamplifier: Conrad-Johnson ART.
Power Amplifiers: Cary CAD-300SEI, Krell FPB 600 and KAV-300i.
Loudspeakers: B&W Silver Signature, EgglestonWorks Andra, ProAc Response One SC.
Cables: Kimber KCAG and WireWorld GEI interconnects, Kimber Black Pearl and WireWorld GEI speaker cables.
Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 112, Magro Stereo Display Stand, Foundation 24" stands.
Sound Treatment: ASC Tube Traps, Studio Traps, Bass Traps; RPG Abffusors; micronoetic feline.—Wes Phillips

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