Audience aR2p Adept Response Power Conditioner Sweepstakes

Register to win an Audience aR2p Adept Response Power Conditioner (MSRP $695) we are giving away.

According to Audience:

The Audience Adept Response aR2p power conditioner is designed to elevate the performance of your audio system and provide superior power protection. It’s ideal for single-component applications like monoblock amplifiers, receivers, video projectors and video displays and plugs directly into a power outlet with no separate power cord required. The aR2p is hand-built with premium-quality high-current components throughout.

The Adept Response aR2p provides surge suppression up to 20,000 amps. Whereas surge suppression devices like the ubiquitous MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) are “sacrificial” devices and wear out over time, the aR2p surge suppression does not deteriorate. The aR2p employs wide-bandwidth RF filtration – by reducing power line noise interference, the aR2p provides a lower noise floor and blacker background, resulting in a higher-resolution audio/video presentation.

The aR2p does not limit dynamics. Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material Audience believes it is imperative that power conditioning components present the lowest possible impedance power path while providing wide-bandwidth noise reduction. If desired, a simple high-quality multi-outlet power distribution system plugged into the aR2p can provide power conditioning for an entire audio or video system.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

CB3874's picture

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! I could use a super duper power conditioner!

ChrisS's picture

Clean up your AC....!

jmq's picture

Audience is a terrific company all around. Hope I win!

jnani's picture

Oh, to filter out that electrical interference...

Modi Hammarstedt's picture

A pretty new power conditioner!!!! I wouldn't mind that!

internethandle's picture

I'd love one. Thanks for the opportunity!

SpinMark3313's picture

is in.  Thanks for all the great sweepsates.

daadaa's picture

I could use the hell out of this thing!

Syrez's picture

... but, keep it clean.

roscoeiii's picture

I'd be very happy to win this.

desmondjim's picture

I really need something like this.

thomasrhee's picture

Me me me!

kana813's picture

Looks like another great product from Audience!

chaco1's picture

Yep,  I'm in.

jhsjhs's picture

That would be nice...

Veniogenesis's picture

I would love to own this! Being bound by a small budget means I've never had the chance to acquire a power conditioner before.

peter_ericsson009's picture

This is the power conditioner I have always wanted....

jevansoh's picture

Please pick me.

I have been so curious to see/hear the real benefits of this device in my system.  I have two noisy subs and a projector and want to see if this helps.

Thanks for creating contests like this!

akila219's picture

i need this coz' i'm only using a surge protector on my system.

MrGneiss's picture

I'm ready to win!!

bertdw's picture

Count me in.

TheGuyInTheHat's picture

and send it over  :)

jamesk's picture

There are plenty of things to clean up in life, but power is one that cannot be done alone. Plus its a great, efficient design.  Viva Audience!  

Watthead's picture

Good luck to all! (Not that much though)

Axiom05's picture

I have the perfect spot for one of these.

pwf2739's picture

This would be a respectable upgrade over my current conditioner.  

Adams's picture

Please pick me.  I have no power conditioning, and the Audience aR2p is perfect for needs, as I only have 2 items in my system (integrated amp and DAC).

denial's picture

Me do want!

Masluck's picture

I would love to own this conditioner!!!

eburbeck's picture

I have some pesky noise in my line so it would be really nice to have this to clean up my sound!

RBrooks's picture

i have an outlet just waiting.

david.parker83's picture

receives a standing ovation.

DanSpruce's picture

I could use one of those!

bplexico's picture

Thus please pick me...;)

jrhud's picture

Clean power and it's not even Saturday.

Lofty's picture

Living in an apartment I know firsthand the benefits of a power conditioner. I have used Chang and PS Audio conditioners to good effect. I have no doubt the Audience aR2p will endow an even greater improvement.

double_d1737's picture

I'd love to have this.

aceg1aceg1's picture

Great product!

bprochford's picture

My power needs cleaning! Pick me, please.

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

mstott's picture

to deal with the 100 year old wiring in my new place!

popluhv's picture

I hope

Rockfish8's picture

Does power conditioning reallyy impact sound?? 

Phil Sommers's picture

I could use this.  Thanks for the chance to win.

Talos4's picture

I'll take one!

cclay's picture

Audience is the best!

alexk's picture

Yes, please.

music or sound's picture

perfect for a minimal system source + amp

wabash2001's picture

thanks for the chance to win!

Drtrey3's picture

this is a time when I win!



neogeo's picture

I could really use this. I'm sure system would sound even better.

jokeka's picture

I would love one.  LOVE one.  DId I say Love?  I'm Adept at it.

Paul55's picture

 Just what I needed

peter_964rs's picture

Me too

AudiOh's picture

i would really like to win (obviously).

tdb's picture

Pick me.

ugoderosa's picture


rhirsch's picture

I would love to win

Masongsong's picture

In for the win

spyder1's picture

Clean power to my computer audio system! Stunning!

blankdisc's picture

i am in. :)

mrdt's picture

I commented.

Stevelgbch's picture

It would be bitchin to own this!!  Where?  CD player, preamp, phono preamp, let me count the places!

sauerball's picture

this comment

hunwehol's picture

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Samac's picture

I need this bad!

x120022d02's picture

Me Please

Jeffstudio's picture

Yes please. Just what I want.

Philer's picture

Not them, ME!


Good stuff, hope I win. :-)

chunk23's picture

Let me be the one

Metalhead's picture

This would be a wonderful addition to the man cave. 


torturegarden's picture

This will probably be better than my ancient surge supressor.

gunhaver's picture

Raises hand  cheeky

Shaffer's picture

Fingers crossed.

MWaehner's picture

I've been wanting one of these.

evaldoaltino's picture

I´d like one please.

ZombieFish's picture

I'd find it shocking if I didn't win this time!

yage's picture

I happen to need two extra outlets!

H's picture

This would be a cool way to improve my desktop system :)

jluimda's picture

hope i win this little gem!

otaku's picture

What? and replace my $20 CompUSA special?

Landon Thorpe's picture

and I bet this could help!

noirx7's picture

OK, Can I have this?

zfreiman's picture

Choose me!!! 

twm's picture

I could absolutely take great advantage of this if I win!

dmineard HT's picture

Please come to my house and clean my power.  HELP is appreciated.

mcrushing's picture

This is the one type of product my system is MOST lacking. I'd love to see what this could do.

Tony von Krag's picture

Living in a DT area this would help because of the crappy power we have.

jdrudadc's picture

I'm in...

Mrckrescho's picture

Only two outlets?

attilahun's picture

I neeeeeeed this!

My power sounds like a hair dryer!

trmntr03's picture

Let me dip my forefinger in the sweepstake.

Malcolm02's picture

I'll take it

npsquire1's picture

Yesssss, free awesomeness! :)

fvelasco's picture

Hope I get lucky!

EndersShadow's picture

This would work great for my 2 channel system upstairs!

groovybassist's picture

I'm your Audience - come home to papa.

Frank.hardly's picture

I want to become a true believer

bigrasshopper's picture


brw's picture

Thank you Jon and Stereophile!

Buck1's picture

good luck to me!

slowtrain8's picture

This would be the best thing in my system!  I would be so happy!

BlueSteelAudio's picture

I'll take it! 

matthra's picture

Charge me up please

stereoGoodness's picture

whether it will noticeable improve the sound of my system.

Ormy51's picture

Winner winner chicken dinner

thxtheater's picture

Count me in too

liuj88's picture

Me, please.

NewHTbuyer's picture

Looks great!

Travis Klersy's picture

I want one!  I'll post nice comments about it!

Travis Klersy's picture

I need one!  I'll post nice comments about it!

cgh's picture

I'm also wrong quite often

Naica's picture

Okay. I'm in.

valicious's picture

Would love this!

bumpyjones's picture


jba's picture

would look great in my new listening room!

Guy Azrouel's picture

My system will be very happy.

nile49's picture

Just what I am on the market for!

corrective_unconscious's picture

Yeah, I know what I have to do to enter, but what do I have to do to win? That's what I want to know.

Spwill's picture

Would be nice to replace the heat of my old ps audio regenerator.

P.C.'s picture

ditto...the above.

capdever's picture

I would love to see how this improves my system!

lmf22's picture

That is a nice power conditioner.  I have a good home for it :-) 

johnpearl's picture

Yes, please!!!!

Travis Klersy's picture

I need one!  I'll post nice comments about it!

musicson's picture

winner winner, chicken dinner..........

downunderman's picture

Oh the slings and arrows of outrages fortune to be one that is not domiciled in one of the 50 states.........or the district of columbia.

Looks like a great giveaway and the eventual winner should be well pleased with their good fortune. 

ejk's picture

I'm in

HIFIMAN-HE-400's picture


PurestAV's picture

This will be perfect in my new system!

Bixby's picture

Is to win it and take a listen!

kborrman's picture

I have a small power conditioner that I've been using for a while and have been pretty happy with the results


I really really really want to have one just for my power amplifier to give it all the clean juice it wants/needs


Pick me and my rag-tag system of gear.


Logansport Berry's picture

I'm in!

edahlen's picture

I have never used a power conditioning product and would love to give it a try.

RobertS's picture

"Dear Lord, let me be lucky just once."

bmilwee's picture

stevo's picture

..power conditioning is something id never invest in myself (over speakers, etc) but would love to use fo free!

volvic's picture

Think I deserve one.  

bdiament's picture

I'd love to hear this.
Maybe I'll get lucky.
Cheers to whoever the lucky winner is!

Best regards,

TravisPatrick's picture

I'd like this.

Demondog's picture

I can make a nice home for one of these.

jamesh's picture

I'd like one to compare against my PPP

MatthewSTL's picture

I've assembled a nice system, but haven't had the chance to investigate power conditioning yet. Thanks for offering this sweepstakes!

Utopianemo's picture

Certainly would love to win that one!

JakeLaBonte's picture

Really, I do like free stuff.

Prole's picture

I would love to have this unit in my system.

batman44's picture

      I've been meaning to clean up for a while...

zoltanvarga's picture

I want a lot of clean power!

fly_fish_nz's picture

Ears open, fingers crossed.