Audible Images' MartinLogan Whammy

Audible Images of Melbourne, FL treated AXPONA visitors to a 5-channel MartinLogan set-up that managed to look big even in the huge Florida Salon B. Capable of playing five different formats, the system did full justice to a two-channel recording of Jimmy Smith from 1958, with sound very warm and laid back. Further treats were in store with a 3-channel Mercury Living Presence SACD of Rodrigo's famous Concierto d'Aranjuez, the system capturing both that label's in your face brightness as well as the beautiful delicacy of the guitar. In multichannel, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here sounded as though "here" had come to me, which was a good thing. My own disc of Mahler Symphony No.2 sounded convincingly big and bright, although for some reason the low bass lines were not as full as I'm accustomed to hearing.

Doing the honors were five MartinLogan CLX full-range electrostatic floorstanders ($12,747.50 each), five MartinLogan Depthi subwoofer with CLX crossover board ($2345 each), two MartinLogan Descenti subs for LFE ($3495 each), Krell EVO-707 Theater processor/multi-channel audio pre/pro ($31,500), Krell EVO-403e 400Wpc three-channel power amplifier ($25,000), Krell EVO-402e 400Wpc stereo amplifier ($18,500), Krell Cipher CD/SACD multichannel player ($12,000), a small fortune's worth of Transparent Audio Reference MM and XL cabling, Transparent Audio PowerIsolator MM ($4195) and 8 ($3795), and 11 Transparent Audio Powerlinks (up to $2100 each).