Art Dudley and Herb Reichert are back!

Art Dudley and Herb Reichert are back! In this third (and final) video conversation that I shot in Art's living room, Art and Herb have a friendly debate about stereo imaging and talk about what matters to them when it comes to the reproduction of music.

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speak about home audio as if it's an understandable Art-Form.

I sold, imported and manufactured Audio gear but never had the 'insight' you two lads just spoke to.

This one little video is worth the entire year's subscription rate.

Thank you for the Education

Tony in Michigan

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Excellent discussion. Can't get enough of these videos.

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The sound stage is decided by 1.) if live, where are you standing in relation to the performers, assuming no sound reinforcement. 2.) by the choice of which, how many, and the position of the microphones by the recordist. Is it mono, stereo, or multi-channel? He is deciding something for every listener and we may like it nor not. Do you like a "distant" perspective or one close, like what the pianist hears when playing a grand piano? Would we want or like the perspective of what Art hears when playing his fine acoustic guitar? Would we rather sit 8-10 feet back and add in more of the room?

I get the sense that what I want is to hear what I recall are real instruments in front of me that sound immediate and that it is not some pale imitation. Once I started using 2 large mics, spaced about a foot apart close to the acoustic guitar did I get the full sense of a real instrument and then pan them hard left and right making the guitar big and bold and then use a vocal mic fully centered that seems to give me "recorded" what I hear as they are playing. Played quietly I still get to capture the emotion. I can change the color of it by various mic choices, but everything is a choice as is what the recording will be heard on that will have a major impact on the level of enjoyment.

I must add that going from redbook; 16/44.1; to 24/96; and then to 24/192 it gets more real to me at every jump in sample rate. I don't own a Tascam DA-3000 that does DSD, but by years end I will and hope to capture even more.

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What I *really* like, when I'm privileged to be able to do so, is to move my live-music listening position a few times, because there's no way for me to predict where the best sound is going to be. There are just too many variables, and even the obvious "good" positions don't always work out.

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Great vids by Stereophile staff; looking forward to them.

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... gentlemen attend live concerts with unamplified/acoustic music?

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passionate without being shouty, informed without being boorish, more Stereophile please, these are a great addition to the my digital sub.

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Next, please....a video of them doing this in the evening after sharing a couple bottles of fine wine!

Cheers to my two favorite contributors. (Not trying to play favorites, just really enjoy them.)

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Mine too! Ken Micallef