Reviewer Profile Video: Tyll Hertsens

In this video, we visit Tyll Hertsens, Editor of Stereophile's sister site, in Bozeman, Montana. Tyll is a connoisseur of headphones and portable audio products, and is somewhat of a YouTube sensation within the headphone community. (Truthfully: Having spent most of my "early audiophile" years experimenting on headphone mods and lurking on headphone forums, I'd been watching Tyll's headphone review videos long before I ever knew about Stereophile's existence.)

In this Reviewer Profile, Tyll shows us his Headphone Wall of Fame, where he does most of his reviews, and explains why he does what he does, among other things. But beyond that: we also meet Tyll the motorcyclist, Tyll the handy wood worker with a composting toilet, and Tyll the loving dog owner—he has an adorable Schipperke named Dart, short for D'Artagnan . . . any Stereophile readers watch Stranger Things Season 2?

During my four-day stay in cold, dry Bozeman, we also shot a couple other videos that might be of interest to headphone enthusiasts: How Tyll Reviews Headphones and Tyll Talks About the Future of Headphones. And we have a couple more in the works . . .

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I have thoroughly enjoyed his reviews and used them to guide my purchases. His is a high quality site and his measurements and technical insights are second to none.

Many thanks to Mr. Herstens for providing so much useful information about headphones and related gear.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

You're welcome. I'll keep working at it.

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Really enjoy everyone of them.

I grew up in Bozeman so It's even more interesting.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

I love the Bozone. I've had it with city life; Bozeman has a near ideal balance...if you can take the cold. Been here 35 years now. I have layers, I tell ya.

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Bozeman is the home of the Boseman, hmm.

Arn't the Political R type Billionaires the only ones supposed to have Russian hook-ups. hmm again!

I know a fella in Michigan that owns a Russian Side Car Motorcycle ( based on a vintage BMW design ), I also know someone with a German BMW motorcycle sidecar, my neighbor is one of those Iron-But guys. Seems like motorcycles are some sort of common denominator, I too have owned a few.

Anyway, nice house, nice van, nice motorcycle with nice gear bags, nice headphone hobby, nice pup and most of all: nice life.

Above all and most importantly, Tyll's life demonstrates his Integrity, which is what I noticed ( at RMAF11 ) as his most prominent quality, he's lived up to it over these 6 years.

Tony in Michigan

ps. don't look now but Steve G. started doing a Vlog on YouTube as has Paul at PS Audio. ( I was one of PS Audio's dealers in the 1980s )

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Hiya Tony, my riding buddy, Paul, has a Ural hack. Used to monkey his dog Hank (RIP) around in it. Took forever to get anywhere with him and Hank in the side car; he was a people where ever we went.

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Jana does an excellent job on these. Perhaps she could give Michael lessons on simulating a Stedicam. I wish my wife and daughter could show some enthusiasm for this hobby. They both have better hearing than me and my kids will inherit my system and music.But to each his own.I like these Vlogs that give a voice to the articles I read in print or the web.That young lady Jana is a keeper.

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Indeed she is. I think the videos Jana has done with me have been great. You can find a couple more recently on InnerFidelity.

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Great life setup there, Tyll. Enjoy!

Tyll Hertsens's picture

Thanks, mate, I think so too.

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Yay, y'all took my advice (or were gonna do it already, I'm not gonna assume it wasn't already in the works) and it sounds great!

For Tyll, and Tyll only because he's the headphone guy, if y'all could've swung a separate version of this video recorded with a binaural head mic it would've been really cool (and probably a big ol' pain in the butt to do, plus the mic is pretty expensive). Maybe an idea for one of those possible future videos, maybe talk Neumann into loaning you one of their nice binaural head mics (they're pretty pricey, but good mics ain't cheap)?

Tyll Hertsens's picture

Just got the new Sennheiser AMBEO personal binaural mic. I'll be shooting a little video with it soon.

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the old Ambisonic system. Curious how it compares to, say, a Neumann KU-100 over headphones. Enjoy your site and reviews, and especially enjoy Bob Katz's columns, he's a keeper (I worked as a recording engineer back in the 90's).

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Thanks again for a finely crafted profile Jana. Mr. Hertsens is an interesting man and reinforces the idea that a person with varied interests can bring a unique perspective to their work. The value add for the readers was demonstrated by Tyll's soliloquy on what he is trying to accomplish as a reviewer and the role of the press as an advocate for the consumer. Lord knows there are so may headphone options and so many price points that we need someone to do this for us that we trust to make good recommendations, so we can ultimately make good buying decisions. It's all good and leads to us enjoying our way of living even more and however our love of music fits into that.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

That attitude might be a bit contentious with some, but I think it's the only really responsible stance for a journalist.

They did burn down the library at Alexandria, you know. It's been a dying---or maybe more accurately, targeted for death---art-form for a long time. Still around here and there though.

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Advice is easy enough to get from reading a bunch of reviews on a given subject or product, but many people who post in headphone forums are asking for a consultation, without knowing what they're asking in most cases. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), to get a great headphone system without spending $10k to $55k on the hardware, you have to compare a few reviewers' in-depth perspectives so you can gather enough information to see where you fit into the mix.


An audiophile grizzly with a step van. Hmmm.
Love the shirt!

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