Art on Display

Stereophile writers enjoy meeting the people who read their scribblings, and I believe Show attendees who are readers of the magazine like to put a face they can associate with what they read in the magazine. Here's a picture of Art Dudley (right) meeting one of the show's youngest attendees, who is obviously already an admirer of Art's "Listening" column and equipment reports. Seen in near-profile on the left is René Laflamme, the audio engineer responsible for the outstanding recordings on the Fidelio label.

volvic's picture

I believe Art is holding the Planets transcribed for organ and brass, heard it on Nagra and Verity Audio last year and loved the performance. No matter how many versions of Holst's Planets you have you will be surprised by the freshness of this recording not to mention the sound. Can't wait to hear what Art thinks of it.

fredhammersmith's picture

And if I'm not mistaken, the father on the picture is Sylvain Lapointe, the very likable member of the Buzz Ensemble, responsible for the great "Planets" interpretation on Fidelio.

Geroge.P's picture

That baby really does look interested in what he has in his hand anyway. Thanks for this photo. I hope that others will appreciate it as well. I am looking forward to what else you have to offer.



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