Are you still holding on to any ancient audio gear simply for nostalgiac reasons?

Are you still holding on to any ancient audio gear simply for nostalgiac reasons?
Yes, it's a . . .
80% (216 votes)
Nothing lurking anywhere
20% (54 votes)
Total votes: 270

Reader Robert Baum writes that he bought a new KA-7002 Kenwood amp in 1973, and though he's upgraded several times since then, "it's been living under our bed (yes, it's still alive!) for at least a dozen years.

Darold Cary's picture

Can't get rid of my open reel decks!

Norm Strong's picture

Weathers stylus pressure gauge. I keep it to remind me of what elegant design is all about. Simple, effective, accurate.

Paul J.  Stiles's picture

A Dual 701 turntable (still works), A Nakamichi 610 preamp (still in use), and a Nakamichi 550 portable cassette deck (ceased functioning properly in the last year, I am debating whether or not to get it fixed), an Ampex Micro 52 cassette deck that was given to me (I rescued it from a pile of stuff going to the dump), a Pioneer TX9500 tuner and more

Tim McIntosh's picture

Revox A/77 reel to reel and a Revox a/78 FM tuner

William R.  O'Connell's picture

I refuse to part with my KLH Model 11 portable record player or my KLH fm receiver both still working!

Joe Evans's picture

How about a bunch of Dynaco stuff: MkIII's, Stereo 70, PAS-3, Pat-4(heavily modified). The Dynaco factory was located only a few blocks from my house. Talk about walk-in service. I hold on to everything. I'm not going to mention the closet full of Japanese mass-market stuf I have socked away.

douglas frost's picture

nakamichi cr-5 cassette deck. an absolute gem! i have no cassettes to play, but i just can't bring myself to get rid of it.

PSP's picture

Townshend The Rock Turntable

Tjipto Hendrawan's picture

Pioneer F-90

TGD's picture

Philips reel-to-reel tape machine from 1972.

peter takov, bulgaria's picture

I have an old Quad 405-2. Recently, I took it to a hi-fi retailer for direct comparison with the new Arcam P85. Before that, I had been told by some people pretending to be hi-fi specialists that the Quad was very good amp, even compared with the very good ones of today. I have to say that this is definetly NOT true. The Arcam, wich is not considered to be the cream of contemporary hi-fi, sounded considerably better than the Quad in every possible way. There should be no place for "nostalgia" or other sentiments when dealing with hi-fi. Some gear simply sounds better than other and I see no point in listenning to something that sounds worse just because of some sympathy. I don't feel the same about music, though.

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I have a 1977 Pioneer SX-950 receiver. It was next to the top of line and cost me about $650 (on sale!) back then ($1900 in today's dollars). Recently, I saw a couple of them on ebay and they were going for about $400.00 So I got mine out and had it serviced thinking that I could sell it. When I got that monster home ( it weighs 45 lbs and is huge), I naturally had to check it out. I was STUNNED at how good it sounded. I can't believe that I have spent thousands in the intervening time since it was retired on "upgrades." I'm not saying it sounds as good as my newer system, I'm saying that I can't believe that I've spent so much money for so little improvement in sound quality. I'm keeping it!

B-A Finlan's picture

I have three Ampex 602-2 open-reel tape decks in storage.

lippo's picture

philips cd150 cp-player (14 bit)

Tilmann's picture

Mitchell TRANSROTOR elctronic turntable with SME 309. Anybody interested?

Forrest Drennen's picture

A quad decoder. It's alive and conected between a Garrard Zero 100 turntable and a modern home theater receiver.

John Napier's picture

Goldring GL75 record deck (?!!!) I've also got a pair of Quad ELS 57 but I have decided to put these up for sale!

Rick Shapiro's picture

Sennheiser 424 Headphones.In Use Since 1976. Still Does Everything Just Right To My Ears.

Horst Goebel's picture

Marantz Tuner Mod. 20

Jim G.'s picture

I have had three stereo systems since 1959. Mine are a McIntosh C-20 pre-amp, 240 amp, Fisher 101R tuner & an Ampex 960 tape recorder from my 1st stereo. Then a Spatial Coherance pre-amp, a Threshold 400A amp, a B & O 4002 turntable, and a Pioneer CT1250 cassette deck. Also, a set of Wharfedale SFB3 speakers and Bozak outdoor speakers. And they all work! System #3 is my present one. Quite a museum.

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I wondering if you would be willing to sell your wharfedale sfb3's...please let me know if you are or not,,thank you!...Andy

A.  C.  McCoy's picture

Tandberg 64X R2R, Mac C28 (phono & Headphone), APT-Holman Preamp (Phono & Headphone), plus other misc. R2R tape decks. Can't kick the analoque habit.

JRG in Ky's picture

dad's old pioneer sa-something or other. It is dead but lights up and looks cool so i'll get fixed one day.

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I still have a soft spot in my heart for those AR-4 speakers that I had in college. I keep a pair in good repair to listen to from time to time.

DB's picture

Marants 2010

Brian's picture

Hafler DH200 and Musical Concepts modified DH101; Dynaco PAS-3X and ST70

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In the sixties, my dad had a Stromberg-Carlson integrated tube amp. He gave it to me in the mid seventies when he upgraded (?) to Pioneer solid-state. I've had it in for repairs several time, but the last couple of times it's come back with the same problem, so I gave up on it, but it's still in storage in the attic. Also, I bought OHM Fs in 1980. I still have them and they still sound good. At work I have a Fisher integrated tube amp—an X-100-A—from the 60s that I bought from a record store I worked in. It's still providing good music.

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All of my old equipment is there because I can't afford to upgrade or becomes a stereo for the den.

Bill S.'s picture

Tandberg 9100X reel to reel.

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I've either given away or worn out and thrown out my oringinal system that I bought for $700.00 while a sophmore in high school, in 1970. AR 2ax speakers wore out, along with a Dual turntable, And I gave a Pioneer integrated amp and tunner to a friend, who is still using them.