Are there any components on your shopping list right now?

In answering last week's VOTE! question, many indicated that they're looking for new equipment. What, if anything, are you currently considering?

Are there any components on your shopping list right now?
21% (54 votes)
12% (30 votes)
9% (24 votes)
CD player/converter
6% (15 votes)
Turntable/cartridge, etc.
9% (22 votes)
9% (24 votes)
Combination of above
9% (23 votes)
Video gear
5% (12 votes)
SACD/DVD-Audio player
10% (26 votes)
Nothing right now
11% (28 votes)
Total votes: 258

Tony Esporma's picture

I'm also looking for new video gear, but being that this is Stereophile, not SGHT . . . Right now, my audio gear is happily playing tunes in its LP and thermionic bliss! BUT! the advent of DVD-Audio/SACD-compatible players are making a good point to use that AUX input in my Connie Jay preamp . . . Just make sure that the cost of the player doesn't exceed the Lingo/Trampolin upgrade to my trusty LP12, otherwise you know where the money will go in the near term!

M.D.  Chubb's picture

Well, since the up/down switch for the tonearm on my trusty Marantz 6300 just stopped working, I'd say I'm in the market for something new to spin the black circle. New to me, anyway. I'm not sure I can afford a brand spankin' new analog thingie right now.

Grant Levy's picture

I'm waiting for the new DVD-A and SACD formats to "land." I have an old analog (!) Fosgate DSL-1 surround processor that I will link up to the proper surround decoder, but I'm hesitant to buy a decoder until this new 192kHz format comes out. The new Cirrus chip is very exciting; maybe it'll bring an end to format wars, and let us get back to enjoying our music!

Steve Williams's picture

After three years it's finally time to finish things and buy cables and play with some tweaks.

Janis Lykakis's picture

Just bought a pair of Dunlavy Athenas. I heard them with a Spectron musician amp. So I want it.

Anonymous's picture

Headphone Amp.

Allen Nakamura's picture

Strictly speaking, it's not new. But my next purchase will be that of an Audio Research SP11 and D115. Both are still in excellent operating condition and have recently been re-tubed. I notice (not without some amusement) in last week's "Vote!" how lots of readers lamented the high price of high-end gear. But there are lots of deals out there that can be found in used equipment. The guy I am buying the ARC gear from is a Wall Street tycoon for whom selling his old gear at a fraction of the original price is no big deal, as he simply wants to upgrade to stuff that is even more "state-of-the-art." His loss, my gain. :)

Peter MacHare's picture

Turntable/Cartridge CD Recorder Power Conditioner

Bruno's picture

I like to buy Magneplanar 1.6 for $1500 US in Slovenia, what is at that moment impossible. They cost more than twice this price. No thanks.

Chris S.'s picture

All of the above. I am always looking for new equipment to feed my need for the best of the best. Thank god for used gear or I'd have to live in my stereo.

Joe's picture

I am lusting after a pair of Vandersteen 5s.

Steve Camadeco's picture

Recently purchased a pre-owned Rega Planar 3 and am considering upgrading my Blue Point to a Benz Glider or Grado Platinum. Which would you recommend with Densen Beat 100 and ProAc Response 1SCs?

Nick Fulford's picture

I am building a new sound room, so there will be money spent to do that right. I will also be building or buying a standalone DAC, depending upon whether SDMI standards are followed or breached by manufacturers. If SDMI robustness standards are breached to allow access to the full-resolution digital stream, I will be getting the DAC.

Mark Hedl's picture

X - Other. I recently bought an entire hometheater setup from scratch. I still need two things: a tuner (my preamp doesn't have one) and a comprehensive learning remote. (I made fun of people who had them until I had six of my own to juggle)

Don, Kansas City's picture

I want to buy one of the SME tonearms. It has been very tough to find a qualified dealer to help with this.

Mike's picture

I am looking at a Preamp and DVD player or cd transport for a package deal of under $1700. Any ideas?

David Mitchell's picture

Speakers is the closest I can get, as I'm about to buy new headphones -- not really an upgrade, just a replacement for some that aren't working properly.

Scot Forier's picture

I pretty much already have my source components, speakers, and associated gear. What I really need are amps and preamps.

Jason's picture

Now I just have to convince my wife that this is a good idea!

KRB's picture

My dream system is complete. In fact, it's still breaking in. I'm waiting for the fallout from the SACD/DVD-Audio war.

John Harrison's picture

Looking to buy a record cleaner (got to preserve my precious vinyl).

L.  Solomon's picture

Back to basics. I'm done chasing the ultimate in home theater. (I don't have the luxury of an audio-only system.) SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM, Dolby EX . . . I can't afford to keep buying stuff, only to have it be obsolete in 6 months. So my next upgrade will be better speakers and amps. Technology is stable in those categories, so anything I buy will most likely still be functional for several years to come. And I suspect those upgrades will also give me better sound than any of this new stuff anyway!

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I'd like a new CD/DVD something, but I just bought an ITB Corolla. Racing ain't cheap.

Ed Padden's picture

I got bit by the home theater bug!!!

Norm Strong's picture

Since I'm a pipe-organ buff, I need to reproduce the octave from 16 to 32Hz. I'm currently limited to 35Hz. My plan is to replace the driver in my existing subwoofer with a better one. I have $180 available for this purpose. Wish me luck!

Jeff Vinklarek's picture

I am looking into purchasing an Escient Tunebase to organize a mess of CDs. In addition, I am buying speakers. I have looked at the Martin-Logan SL3 and Aerial Acoustics 7B. Any suggestions on which to go with would be appreciated. Krell stack is used for equipment.

Paul Moccia's picture

Take a clue from the car mags: reviews of most of the better affordable stuff, with an occasional Ferrari thrown in as a benchmark.

Ron G.'s picture

Surround rear speakers for music. maybe Paradigm mini monitors ??

Bob Haddard's picture

Looking for a used C-J or Modulus 3A preamp to warm things up and replace my AA DLC, LIS, and VitB. I can't afford anything new that can beat the "6-chassis" AA preamp. Also, I'm tired of all the wires and power supplies. I just want a one-piece self-contained unit w/phono.

Steve, Chicago's picture

The biggest question in choosing speakers is balancing the room, related equipment, and budget. Outstanding speakers exost at many price levels, but which of these will improve my system dramatically, interact with my current equipment and tastes, and will be a reasonable fit for my budget.