Added to the Archives This Week

Madrigal Audio Labs designed the original Mark Levinson No.30 nearly 10 years ago with the idea that, as a Reference Series product, it would never be made obsolete. John Atkinson reviews the No.30's latest upgrade, the Mark Levinson No.30.6 Reference D/A processor, after sending his personal unit from 1992 back to the factory for the required work. What he got back included new D/A converters in the unit's twin towers. Was it worth the effort, and does this processor still define the state of the art? You'll want to read his report to find out.

More equipment reviews this week: Stereophile's Michael Fremer gets to the root of audiophile prejudices when he spends time with the VTL MB 175 Signature monoblock power amplifier. Mikey writes: " . . . when I hear someone say that tube amps are not for them because tubes are 'too much trouble' or 'unreliable,' or because they 'don't want to mess around with changing tubes all the time,' I take the time to disabuse them of their silly prejudice."

Just how did Stereophile grow from its humble birth at J. Gordon Holt's desk back in 1962 to what it is now—the leading high-end audio publication? Larry Archibald shares his secrets of success and wishes readers farewell in his final "The Final Word," soon to appear in the November 1999 issue of Stereophile.