Added to the Archives This Week

In his third installment of "Fine Tunes," Jonathan Scull encourages readers to stick their heads in a corner. "Notice how strongly the bass loads up there, how exaggerated and out of control it sounds," he writes. With the help of Jeff Joseph, Scull also reveals a trick for dealing with square rooms.

While explaining the process leading up to preparing and releasing The Stereophile Test CD, Robert Harley writes: "Say you put a disc on and the sound is boomy in the upper bass. Unless you were present at the sessions and engineered the recording, you have no idea whether your system is accurately reproducing a boom that was there in the hall or was introduced by the microphones and recorder, or whether it is adding a boomy quality and is therefore inaccurate." What to do? Read the story, then get the disc—of course!

The late Denis Stevens wrote: "The hidden theme of Elgar's Enigma Variations has been sufficiently investigated over the past 90 years to deter all but the most intrepid researcher from tackling the problem yet again. I would not venture to do so unless I were convinced that a well-argued attempt to solve the mystery once and for all had not been unfairly brushed aside, even ignored, a dozen or so years ago." The mystery is unraveled once again in "Elgar's Enigma," added to the Archives this week.