Added to the Archives This Week:

Our first new archive article this week is "Building a Library: The Grateful Dead," in which past AES chairperson Elizabeth Cohen reveals her thoughts about what the band has meant to a musical generation. Also included is a complete Dead discography, lots of lyrics, and a little history.

Next, Jack English goes through all the basics of setting up your equipment for maximum pleasure in "Tweaks'n'Squeaks." Everything is covered: from unpacking those new boxes, placing the products, and hooking them up correctly, to cleaning and maintaining the system to keep it in top form.

In "Ticket Prices," John Atkinson explains what getting bilked for $10 in a standard street scam and the price of high-end audio have in common.

And finally, we once again bring you another milestone in audiophile recording history: 1997's "Records To Die For".