Added to the Archives This Week

Tonal accuracy vs. soundstage? "Achieving an optimum balance between the two philosophical extremes of recording is where much of the art lies. It also begs the question, of course, of why it's impossible to have both: a recording with a virtual-reality sense of imaging that also captures all the sound without any coloration." While recording the Sonata CD for Stereophile, John Atkinson wrestles with every recording engineer's dilemma. Read about the struggle to capture Robert Silverman performing Liszt's monumental B-Minor Piano Sonata and the ultimate solution in "Fate, I Defy You," added this week to the archives.

Arriving in its own traveling case with leather-bound manual, the Classé Omega line-level preamplifier impressed Jonathan Scull from the get-go. Read about his findings in the latest equipment report added to our database. "It is a stunning performer that I heartily recommend to all who can afford the tariff," says J-10.