Added to the Archives This Week

One of the more popular monthly columns in Stereophile these days is Jonathan Scull's "Fine Tunes." To keep our online readers fit and tweaked, we are going to be adding Scull's columns to the online Archives section on a weekly basis, starting with the first column he wrote for the magazine, back in July 1998: "Fine Tunes #1." "I think I just got 2000 bucks' worth of difference," writes a reader about the value of the advice contained in J-10's first installment.

We dig a little deeper into the vault to unearth a seminal and oft-requested 1990 piece by J. Gordon Holt: "Tweaking Your Record-Player." With characteristic wit and insight, JGH gets down to basics about the fine points of setting up tonearms, cartridges, and turntables. "More than any other system component, the record player's performance depends on how carefully it is set up and optimized for the characteristics of its three basic parts," he writes.