Added to the Archives This Week

A common question in the audio newsgroups these days is, "Have you tried the new PS Audio Power Plant, and what did you think?" Stereophile's Robert Deutsch takes a seasoned look at the new product in his review of the PS Audio P300 Power Plant. Does it live up to all of the hype, and is it true that the P300 is "audaciously original in concept, yet makes so much sense that you wonder why no one ever thought of it before?" Mr. Deutsch explains.

Next we travel back in time to a contentious AES event, of which Robert Harley reports that, "as a card-carrying member of the Audio Engineering Society and an avid audiophile, I was particularly disturbed by the ideas expressed at the 1990 AES Conference entitled 'The Sound of Audio.' " In his essay, "Deeper Meanings," Harley drills down to unearth the origins of a deep conflict betwixt audiophiles and engineers. Bob's essay generated the most reader mail Stereophile has ever received!