Added to the Archives This Week

Believe it or not, there are reportedly several "audiophiles" out there who still refuse to accept that an extremely expensive amplifier can justify its price. "For them, the very idea of a $20,000 pair of monoblocks must seem absolutely ridiculous," writes Wes Phillips. "All I can say is that they should steer clear of the Mark Levinson No.33H, or else risk having their tidy little hypotheses shattered into tiny little pieces." For the complete review, take a look at the latest equipment report to hit the Archives: Mark Levinson No.33H monoblock power amplifier.

We've all heard the rumors: the audiophile is an endangered species. Barry Willis explores the theory head on in a recent essay, "High End is On Its Way Out?," along with letters from several readers. Willis concludes: "Audiophile, share your passion!"