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When it comes to power, VTL's Luke Manley is definitely in the "more is better" camp. But when Lonnie Brownell sat down to listen to the VTL ST-85 tube power amplifier, he elected to start with a single amp and go for more power later. Lonnie writes: "How's about I go with just one amplifier for a while? After all, that's what most people would buy, at least at first. Then I can drop in another one and see what that does." But in the end, was one enough? Brownell tells all.

Next up, Stereophile's Philosopher-in-Residence, George Reisch, laments the disappearance of turntables in his essay "The Art of the Turntablist." But is the turntable doomed to extinction? "The turntable has undergone a paradigm shift (or something like it). It's still here, but in a different form," Reisch writes. But what's a paradigm shift? Reisch explains.

Thomas J. Norton writes, "As of this writing, the DV-05 is one of only three DVD players that are certified with the THX Ultra imprimatur. (The DV-09 and Denon's DVD-5000 are the other two.) . . . It's certainly possible for a manufacturer to produce a top-quality DVD player without the THX logo attached, but the fact that all three THX players to date exhibit outstanding performance cannot be ignored. But I'm getting ahead of myself." For the entire report, go to Pioneer Elite DV-05 DVD player.