Added to the Archives This Week

Last week's Vote! question about vibration control garnered one of the most interesting groups of comments from readers so far. Everything from bicycle tires to bubble wrap is being employed in audiophile homes around the world in an attempt to subdue the dreaded curse of the shakes.

Many readers asked for further advice, so we dug up a seminal treatise on the subject, "Bad Vibes", written by Shannon Dickson back in the November 1995 Stereophile. Shannon outlines the fundamentals of vibration control in audio systems and dispels many of the common myths rampant among hobbyists.

Another popular piece that has been frequently requested is Corey Greenberg's DIY article on building a simple yet effective buffered passive preamp for your system. Called "Aunt Corey's Homemade Buffered Passive Preamp", this feature originally appeared in the November 1991 issue and quickly generated a pile of responses and a follow-up article in November 1992, "Mo' Better Mods," all of which are included in one place on the website for your entertainment.

For music fans who want to either check some recommendations from our writers or laugh at their bad taste, we have included the second "Records To Die For" to appear in the Archives section. This one is from February 1995, and includes everything from Johnny Cash and Brahms to Frank Zappa. More R2D4 lists will appear soon.

Finally, this week will also see the posting of Stewart Glick's "Audiophilia nervosa", a must-read for anyone who has read this article all the way to the end . . .