Added to the Archives This Week

In his review of the SimAudio Moon P-5 preamplifier and W-5 power amplifier, Kal Rubinson wrote, "something about their aesthetics appealed to me: Canadian ruggedness coupled with a decidedly French panache. I remember that those attributes also characterized the demo's sound, although I can't recall the speakers or the sources involved. At succeeding shows, it gradually dawned on me that the Moon components were the fixed elements in a succession of impressive demos."

Every week we receive e-mails from folks wanting to see specific reports from Stereophile appear in the online Archives, and some of the most requested reviews are those of B&W loudspeakers. Here, then, is Larry Greenhill's review of the B&W Nautilus 805 loudspeaker. LG wrote: "The hardest time for me is when a product under evaluation must be boxed up and sent on to Santa Fe for testing. That's when I ask myself if I face the prospect with relief or a sense of sadness and loss." His reaction to the 805s? The review awaits.