Added to the Archives This Week:

Ethics and high-end audio have always been a tangled web---especially when it comes to deciding whether to purchase equipment from a helpful local dealer or trying to find the best price possible. In the web reprint of February 1999's "The Final Word," Stereophile's publisher emeritus, Larry Archibald, examines a recent high-end purchase of his own to shed a little light on the dilemma faced by the audiophile grinding for a great deal. Also included are some choice reader responses.

Next, we bring you the first installment of John Atkinson's comprehensive three-part "Measuring Loudspeakers" series, which first emerged as a paper presented at the 103rd Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York in September 1997. In "Measuring Loudspeakers, Part One" JA examines some of the basics, including voltage sensitivity and electrical impedance. Stay tuned for Part Two of this series, in which JA examines the concepts of a loudspeaker's time-domain behavior and nonlinear distortions of all kinds. Part Three will examine all the various types of frequency response.