Added to the Archives This Week

J. Gordon Holt, founder not only of Stereophile but also of high-end audio journalism as we know it, reveals all in a comprehensive interview with writer Steven Stone: 35 Years and Just Getting Started.

Also this week, John Atkinson experiences the "ground-pounding audio excitement" of car audio shows in Sounding Off! Next, Barry Willis examines the underground world of gray-market goods in Invaded by the Grays, providing a measure of solace for those bitten by the monster. As BW writes, the gray marketeer "is variously reported to blow in like a zephyr or strike like a hurricane; to take no prisoners in a form of scorched-earth warfare or to stalk his prey undetected and disappear without a trace. He thrives on chance and lives by his wits." Undercover audio reporting at its best!

Finally, we hop back to 1993 to unearth one more Records To Die For, in which you can find dozens of quality recordings chosen with the audiophile in mind.