Added to the Archives This Week

Robert Deutsch writes that "There's a well-known tradeoff in speaker design between sound quality for one listener vs. multiple listeners." But his review of the Dunlavy SC-IV/A loudspeaker reveals that, in the hands of a great designer, these limitations can sometimes be transcended. How did John Dunlavy do it? Deutsch gets to the bottom of this, and more.

Next, a topic that can aways get the audiophile blood boiling: George Reisch discovers that, "Yes, meter-carrying objectivists and wide-eyed subjectivists can carry on worse than Republicans and Democrats in Congress." As he writes in "Scientists vs. Audiophiles 1999," some very deep rifts divide audio fans. Can they be bridged? We also include the lengthy barrage of letters that this installment of Reisch's "Undercurrents" column stirred up, along with his follow-up column.