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Winter had just touched down in Santa Fe two days before the recording sessions were to begin, leading Wes Phillips to wonder if the damp air would wreak havoc with tuning. But he needn't have worried, writing that violinist Ida Levin "played with such intense concentration that sometimes she seemed about to levitate off the floor as she chased a melodic line into the ether." In Duet: And Two to Carry Your Soul Away, Ida Levin and John Atkinson join Wes Phillips in chronicling the recording from both musical and technical perspectives.

Few audio components have lasted as long in the market as the Vandersteen 2Ce loudspeaker, which was reviewed by Thomas J. Norton back in 1993. We present his review (still relevant reading for those interested in the speaker), along with a little history profiling this historic product, which has been evolving for 22 years.