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In his second installment of "Fine Tunes," Jonathan Scull writes: "I met a chap the other day whose wife said to me, 'Oh, you suffer from the same audiophile disease.' I hastened to inform her that I am the disease." But J-10 is also the cure, as he proves in this ode to building the perfect listening room.

"There's nothing crueler in audio than asking an arm and a cartridge to track an ultra-dynamic solo piano recording. Actually, there is: asking a mastering engineer to try cutting it, a plating guru to plate it, and a pressing plant to press it." So writes Michael Fremer, who joins John Atkinson, Wes Phillips, and Larry Archibald to detail the putting-together of Sonata, Stereophile's Liszt Piano Sonata LP. The album was released in both CD and LP versions; the vinyl story is presented here in all of its twists and turns.