Added to the Archives This Week

Jonathan Scull writes: "Cable dressing is actually a rather delicate issue that requires a certain leap of faith. The concept is so simple that even I can explain the science to you." And explain he does. Read "Fine Tunes #7" to learn the whole story.

Next we offer John Atkinson's review of the Wadia 27ix and Wadia 270 transport. JA writes: "History teaches us that the full flowering of any social phenomenon takes place after the seeds of its destruction have been sown. . . . Similarly, it is only now, when DVD-Video has been with us for a couple of years and is being used as a carrier for higher-definition digital sound, that CD playback components are starting to reach the sonic performance that had been promised all along from the 16/44.1 medium." Does the Wadia fulfill that promise? JA cross-examines the evidence.